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First announcement

The 2018 Joint Meeting of the XV International Conference on Ephemeroptera and XIX International Symposium on Plecoptera will take place in Aracruz, Brazil, from 03 - 08 June 2018.

The conference will be held at the SESC Praia Formosa, a pleasant place located less than one hour (or 45 km) from the airport of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo. With more than 200 rooms, conference halls, exposition areas, restaurants, and a huge area in front of the beach, SESC Praia Formosa is the perfect place for hosting the conference in Brazil.

Further details about the program, accommodations and post-conference trip will be given in the second announcement (scheduled for May). The third announce ment (scheduled for August) will contain details on fees, availability of conference scholar ships, call for papers and instructions for authors, and forms for con ference registration and dormitory reservation.

Please, if you wish to receive the next announcements, fill the attendence interest form at the following link.

You can also access information on our website, on our page on Facebook,
or contact us by e-mail:

Organising committee

Dr. Frederico Falcão Salles,
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo
Dr. Rodolfo Mariano,
Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz
Dra. Roberta Paresque,
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo


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